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What is the "Queen" of oils?

(hint not Olive Oil)

When it comes to cooking oil — Dr. Grundy and others believe, the “king” will ALWAYS be olive oil.

The Queen is easily Sesame oil. (1)

Why? Because sesame oil is fantastic. You can cook with it, since it has a high smoke point (meaning it takes more heat for it to burn).

Drizzle it over salads and cooked veggies to add a delicious umami flavor boost.

And the best part? Sesame oil is VERY healthy for you.

What makes Sesame Oil Healthy?

Sesame seeds contain sesamol and sesaminol — two super-potent polyphenols that can have powerful effects on your longevity. Did you know polyphenols are “cell defenders” that help fight fatigue, wrinkles, and other forms of natural aging. Maybe the best part, sesame oil is incredibly good for your heart — and studies show it can support your body’s ability to fight plaque in your arteries. (2, 3)

Research indicates phenomenal sesame oil can:

  • Relieve joint and muscle aches (Studies recommend a massage with sesame oil can help relieve soreness around your body. (4, 5)

  • Keep your hair healthy and strong (Sesamin (another polyphenol nutrient in sesame oil) has been scientifically proven to strengthen and add shine to hair after 8 weeks of use. (6)

  • Improve your sleep (One study revealed rubbing sesame oil on your forehead improves sleep quality and quality of life. (7)

Dr Grundy recommends consuming Cold Pressed sesame oil daily, to maintain excellent health, highly-mobile joints, and a strong body as you age. Remember Heat-Pressed oils are heated to a very high temperature stripping away nearly all the precious nutrients. (8)

To get the great benefits of the nutrients from the sesame seed use SESAME SEEDS or COLD-PRESSED sesame oil, since it contains incredible longevity-supporters like sesamol, sesaminol, and sesamin.

How can you use sesame seeds and sesame seed oil in your kitchen?

Simply take 1 or more tablespoons daily — either taken straight, drizzled over cooked veggies, blended into beverages, mixed into salads, soup, or yogurt, or added to dishes like:

  • Stir-fries

  • Sesame noodles (gluten free of course)

  • Marinades for meat or fish

  • Vinaigrettes

  • Sauces or dips


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