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Client Account Policies

Client Accounts are not required for booking services at Owoc Physical Therapy.  All accounts are created by request, approval, and email verification process.  If you create an account you will be able to use this account to see your booking history and schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments and classes.  After reviewing the Sign-up, Account Privacy, and Account Code of Conduct Policies below if you want an account select the log in bar above to request a Client Account or sign in to your existing account.

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Sign up Policy

Accounts are created through a request process.  This helps to minimize duplicate client profiles.  It also helps to eliminate bot and spammer attacks.  You may cancel your account at any time.  Owoc PT reserves the right to suspend or cancel you account at their discretion or if the code of conduct is violated.

How to Sign up:

Select the Client Account Log In Button.  You will be directed to a Log In page.  If you are new to the site select the shaded "Sign Up" text.  This will populate a "Sign up with email" button.  Complete your email address, enter a password (write it down to remember it), check "I'm not a robot", and select the "Sign Up" button.  An email notification request will be sent to Linda Owoc and reviewed for approval.  Once approved a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered.  Complete the instructions in that email to begin using your Client Account at Owoc PT.

How to Sign In:

For returning clients with Client Accounts, select the Client Account Log In Button.

You will be directed to the Log In page.  Select Log in with email.   Enter your email address, password, and select Log In.  You will be directed to the Home Page with a greeting Hello and your display name in the Client Account Log In Box.  Selecting the drop down arrow will provide selections for account tabs:  Profile, My Bookings, My Subscriptions, My Account, Settings, Notification, & Log Out.  It is highly recommended to select the My Account tab review your Display name and edit if you wish.  Next scroll to the Account Settings section of that page and select the Profile Visibility that you would like.  The default settings are public.  Directions on how to change/edit your settings are located on this page in the column Titled Account Privacy Policy section Managing your Profile & Privacy.


Account Privacy Policy

All of the sections on the sign up form for client accounts are set as "private".  You control what is shared and seen in your account.  This was not established to be a social platform of following , posting, and messaging.  The purpose of this "members section" is so that clients can access their booking history, enable cancelling & rescheduling to be done by each client if they choose. 

Managing Your Profile & Privacy:

Profile tabYou have the option to add a photo to your account.  You may choose to compete the "About" field that will be shared with others if you do not "Make Your Account Private".  Depending on your choices in the "My Account" tab "Account Settings" section this information may be public or private.  The header on this tab will have a button "Make Profile Public" if you have edited default settings and made your profile private.

My Bookings Section lists "Upcoming" and "History".  This is a private section of your account.  Here is where you can reschedule, cancel, and easily book again,  selecting "Check Out Our Services" 

My Subscriptions has a link to pricing plans in this section.  Use this to view Pricing Plans for services and classes from your account page.  Sorry, there are no subscriptions at this time at Owoc PT and payment for these plans are not processed through the web site.  Payments are processed in  person or from Square Invoicing.  This is a private section of your account.

My Account tab.  Display Name is controlled by you.  Scroll to view and change the field boxes.  "Account Settings" section is where your profile visibility is controlled.  With a Public Profile, you can follow members, chat with them, leave comments, like posts & more. Your nickname, profile picture, comments & likes (public activity) will be visible on our site to others with accounts with public profiles.  If your profile is "public" and visible to others there will be "Your Community Page URL"  If you have made your profile private/not visible this will go away.  "Profile Visibility" The arrow on the right side of the page will hide or display your "Profile Visibility"  to change select the down arrow on the right side of the page.  Select " Make Profile Private"  to hide your profile page and social aspects of your account. The URL will disappear.  You can change this setting back to  "Public" at your discretion. There is an additional control to "Block Members".

Settings tab helps you organize the Notification Settings you want to get.  Email notifications, Blog, Blog Subscription, toggle for Posts or comments are liked, & toggle for Comments on posts.

Notifications tab:  Make comments, like posts or follow members to get things going.

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Account Code of Conduct

Be Kind and courteous: be welcoming and respectful with additions you make to your profile.

Respect Everyone's Privacy:  only log into your own account.  Do not attempt to log in to anyone else's account.

Protected Health Information:  do not post or add any personal health information.