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Owoc Physical Therapy has been servicing the community since 2002. Owoc Physical Therapy is committed to teaching injury prevention along with providing restorative care. Linda believes in empowering clients through education and knowledge. Your private treatment sessions are typically one hour in duration. During this time a detailed examination of the various systems of the body is completed. Problem areas are identified, corrections initiated and self–help home programs are taught. Linda believes injuries and illnesses are more easily treated if they are detected early. However, positive results can occur at any time whether your condition is acute or chronic. Knowing that there is hope can motivate and inspire clients to begin the journey to greater health and wellness.


Owoc Physical Therapy is proficient in developing individualized care plans for all age ranges from pediatrics through seniors. Linda successfully treats patients affected by orthopedic, neurological, vascular, lymphatic, and immune dysfunctions. Some clients at Owoc Physical Therapy are trying to find an alternative to surgical intervention, prepare themselves for a better surgical recovery, gain function and pain relief after surgical procedures, or even maintain their maximum level of health and wellness to participate in activities they enjoy. Patients with women’s or men’s health issues, sports or work injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, and chronic pain receive exceptional results from Owoc Physical Therapy’s treatment approach.