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Do you know the early signs of injury?

Watch for early signs of injury

Some soreness for a few days after activity is normal, especially if you've had a long break. But there are a few common issues to watch out for as you return to activity:

● Swelling or bruising

● Joint pain, especially in the knees or shoulders

● Foot pain, which could be a sign of plantar fasciitis

● Muscle strains - particularly common in the hamstrings

● Sprains - most common in the ankle

Any of these issues justifies a call to your physical therapist. Getting checked out early can prevent an injury that derails your attempt to return to activity. PTs see all of the issues just mentioned on a regular basis and can help safely guide you back into a more active lifestyle.

MELT Classes can teach you simple moves using a soft foam roller to support injury prevention and prepare you for the activities you are returning to. MELT can also enhance your performance and return to your lifestyle activities!

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