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Are you sore after returning to your summer activities?

Did you remember to:

1. Start slow

● If you're a runner, think about a walk to run program

● If you're a weight lifter, start with lighter weights and less reps.

● Whatever your activity of choice is, start with short periods of activity and gradually work your way back up.

2. Warm up and cool down

Warming up gets your heart and lungs ramped up and prepares your muscles and tendons for the increase in activity about to come. Include some light cardio like jogging, calisthenics, or cycling, followed by active stretching like butt kicks, high knees, or yoga. Maybe use your newly learned MELT Method Map! If you don't know one specific for your activity learn one at one of Owoc Physical Therapy's MELT Classes.

Cooling down transitions your body back to a lower state of stress - it brings your heart rate and breathing down, decreases blood flow to your muscles and back to places like your digestive system, and helps you relax. It's also a great place for static stretches if you need some work on your flexibility. Maybe some of the newly learned MELT Length or Compression & Rinse Moves will rehydrate that connective tissue and move that cellular waste out of your tissues and bring nutrients in for repair.

3. Take a day off

Rest days let your body recover and keep you from getting burned out. Not enough exercise isn't good for you, but too much of a good thing can cause problems too. Begin a restorative activity like Tai Chi or the MELT Method.

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